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Partnership with Galaxus Announcemrnt


We are thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with Galaxus, a leading online retailer in the market. Our mission has always been to empower companies by providing them with seamless access to online retailers, and this integration with Galaxus takes that mission to new heights. Through this collaboration, our clients now have a direct and streamlined pathway to list and sell their products on the Galaxus platform, reaching a vast and diverse customer base. Together, we are revolutionizing the way companies connect with online retailers, making it easier than ever to succeed in the digital marketplace.

OTTO Market

We are delighted to announce our exciting partnership with OTTO, a renowned and trusted online retailer in the industry. This collaboration allows our clients to directly connect with OTTO, gaining immediate access to their extensive customer base and leveraging their robust e-commerce infrastructure.

Partnership with OTTO Announcemrnt