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Frequently Asked Questions

shopvibes makes e-commerce easy for you! We support you in all steps that are important for the successful distribution of your products in online commerce. From the efficient management and optimization of your product data, to the automated provision of all your product data and images for your partners, to the transfer and integration of orders from your retail partners to you. This saves you a lot of effort, increases the consistency of your data and boosts your sales!

Of course! The shopvibes solution flexibly adapts to your requirements and also supports you in managing and providing your product data to your retail partners.

Absolutely! With our solution you can transfer your images and media data to all your partners. Our solution transfers all images and media data exactly to the requirements of your partners. Specifically, all files are assigned to the correct products, named according to the individual requirements of each partner and the image size is adjusted - all fully automated!

Data protection has top priority at shopvibes. Your data is encrypted on German servers and is under your control at all times.

Of course! Our vision is to make e-commerce easy. For us, this means supporting you in every step that is important for sales via online partners. This includes a central and flexible way to manage your data and images and transmit them directly from our solution to your partners - a well-rounded solution!

With shopvibes, all data relevant to online retail can be exchanged. This includes product data, images and media data, logistics data, inventory data and order data.

Product data includes information about the product such as the product name, description, material, functions or price.
Images and media data include product images such as mood images or product detail images, but also media data such as videos, certificates or assembly instructions.
Logistics data is important data for shipping, such as product and package dimensions, packaging units or delivery times.
Inventory data refers to the current stock of products distributed by the respective retail partner. It is important to keep the data as up-to-date as possible.
Order data is all data transmitted by the retailer as part of an end customer order, e.g. the item number and the number of products ordered or the shipping address.

Yes! With shopvibes you can transfer your product data and images to any of your trading partners. shopvibes automatically transfers all product data and images to the individual requirements of your partners - both for Excel templates and interfaces!


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"shopvibes helps us digitize our sales processes and has delivered real value in a very short time."
Testimonial neofacture
Christoph Gwosdz
@ Neofacture
"Working with ShopVibes has made our listing process easier, more flexible, faster and of higher quality."
Kenney Beetz
Business Administration Manager @ Hanse Home Collection GmbH
"Thanks to shopvibes, our complete product line goes online in a very short time, even with new retailers."
xonox testimonial
Sascha Watz
Teamlead E-Commerce Sales
@ xonox.home GmbH
"shopvibes supports us in continuously optimizing our product data and thus delivering better product data to our partners faster. The shopvibes team quickly responds to our requirements.”
Testimonial wolfmöbel
Alexander Koch
Sales Manager
@ Wolf Möbel GmbH & Co. KG
"Thanks to shopvibes, we have been able to significantly shorten the time required for the onboarding and new product launch for many customers. The team is very flexible and motivated to find a solution that meets our needs."
Thomas Setzke
Chief Commercial Officer
@ DC Living GmbH
"Through our collaboration with shopvibes, we benefit from consistent quality, high efficiency and consistency across all sales channels."
Testimonial dfp design
Marc-David Grafe
Head of Sales
@ dfp design
"Shopvibes provides exceptionally innovative solutions to make our business processes efficient. Their platform saves us a tremendous amount of time and effort, [...]. This service has improved our workflow and allowed us to focus on other business priorities."
Rosemarie Grimm
Internal Sales Manager Kids
@ finori GmbH
"shopvibes is very intuitive to use and saves an enormous amount of time. If you have any questions, contact with shopvibes is quick and uncomplicated.”
Testimonial neofacture
Imke Kastka
Produkt & Content Managerin
@ neofacture furniture