Increace your revenue and make better decisions

shopvibes brings full transparency over your product data quality, where your products are listed, how they benchmark against competitors and more. With these insights at your fingertips, you can make better decisions and increase your revenue.
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Tackle the biggest challenges of your management team

No transparency which products are live

You never have a full and up-to-date picture where your products are live, so you are missing out business opportunities and might lose against the competition.

Products take forever
to go live

Your sales and back office teams play endless feedback loops with your retail customers about incomplete or inconsistent product information, which blocks your products from going live.

Overhead of onboarding new partners blocks your growth

You want to expand to new partners to increase revenue and reach, but your sales and back office teams are already at full capacity with a lot of manual tidy work.

High effort to gain market insights

To know where you are standing against your competition requires you and your team to manually collect information from various sources, over and over again.

Manual content creation takes forever

Generating content for every product, every partner and every language all has to be done manually and takes forever.

Work smarter. With shopvibes.

Gain transparency of your retailers requirements

No matter what Retailer you want to list to - see at a glance what's missing to get your listings online.

About Quality Score

Best Practice Data Structure

We aggregate all possible requirements from retailers, so that you only need to enter your data once, to then easily transfer it to any retailer you want. Optimize your data organization with our best practice data structure. By implementing a well-defined and efficient data structure, you can enhance data integrity, accessibility, and overall performance. Our expertise ensures that your data is organized in a way that maximizes efficiency, scalability, and ease of use.

About our PIM

Know instantly when your products are online.

Easily monitor when products are live. Whenever your send or export your data via shopvibes, we'll notify you as son as your products are online. No more manually checking for listings or requesting listing lists from your retailers.

About Analytics

Dashboard with relevant information

See all relevant information at a glance. Gain a birds-eye overview of your online product listings with an intuitive and feature-rich dashboard. shopvibes provides you with a centralized platform that displays key metrics, performance indicators, and analytics for your product listings. Stay in control and unlock valuable insights with the comprehensive overview dashboard offered by shopvibes.

About Analytics
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