The first fully connected Product Information Management System that smartly links you to all your retail partners.

We connect you with all your retail partners.

ShopVibes makes e-commerce easy for you

No more manual work

Automate your manual data entry processes when managing and submitting your data to your retail partners.

Be more efficient

Reduce your time to market with automated processes that enable consistent product data across all your partners.

Sell more online

Quality product information means more sales and fewer returns.

Security above everything

We care about your data security. We are hosted on servers in Germany and you stay in control over your data at all times.

Why choose ShopVibes?

All your partners in one place

We connect you to all your partners and transfer your product data automatically, matching their requirements.

Easy integration in your workflow

We can work with all your data, no matter the format, structure or interface.

Intuitive platform

Our user-friendly interface allows anyoneto work with our platform right away and without engaging your IT.

What our customers have to say

„ShopVibes helps us digitize our sales processes and has delivered real value in a very short time."

"ShopVibes supports us in continuously optimizing our product data and thus delivering better product data to our partners faster. The team is flexible in responding to our requirements."
Alexander Koch
Head of Sales ar Wolf Möbel GmbH & Co. KG​
"ShopVibes is very intuitive to use and saves a tremendous amount of time. If you have any questions, contact with ShopVibes is quick and uncomplicated."

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