January 17, 2024

A guide to selling profitable on Digitec Galaxus

A guide to selling profitable on Digitec Galaxus

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As the leading online marketplaces in Switzerland, Digitec Galaxus provides companies with a platform to expose their products to a wide audience, fortifying their presence in digital commerce.

To harness the full potential on Digitec Galaxus, shopvibes, an official partner of Digitec Galaxus, offers a unified solution to manage, optimize, and synchronize all data with Digitec Galaxus in one single solution.

How does Digitec Galaxus work?

At its core, Digitec Galaxus is a confluence of two distinct brands: Digitec, which initially carved a niche in electronics, and Galaxus, known for its diverse product range. Together, they present a vibrant online retailer. There are two ways how you can sell on Digitec Galaxus. The first is the typical B2B business model. Here Digitec Galaxus buys the products from you and subsequently resells them on the shop under their own name and price. The other way is based on a marketplace system which recently was introduced in Germany. This way you directly use their infrastructure to place your products on their shop and sell under your own name.

A major difference is that in this marketplace model, you, as the merchant, determine the price for the end customer.

However, the quality of product data is crucial for Digitec Galaxus. It is essential that retailers provide detailed and accurate product information, including product name, EAN, stock and image links, as well as other relevant product specifications. A complete and well-structured data set can make the difference between a product selling successfully or not. All data must be provided in different Excel files to ensure smooth integration into the Digitec Galaxus system.

Since managing and especially sharing this product data manually is a time-consuming process, we recommend the all-in-one product data management software from shopvibes for this purpose. With shopvibes, you can manage, optimize and share all product data and media in one central place to provide high-quality data in the right format for Digitec Galaxus.

Why should I sell on Digitec Galaxus?

Given Digitec Galaxus's dominant position in the Swiss market and its expanding customer base, the platform represents a great opportunity for your business's growth. With an average of 23 million visits per month and 2.7 million active customers in 2022 they are the most relevant and strongest e-commerce player in Switzerland. In addition, they launched their marketplace in Germany in 2018 and were already able to generate over 2 million visitors per month. With their B2B business they also already expanded to further countries like Italy, France and Austria.

Moreover, Digitec Galaxus handles the complete payment processing, enabling you to focus on your core business operations. With their customer service they are the first port of call for questions for customers and thus relieve you of a lot of work.

For merchants based in the EU, there's an added layer of complexity due to customs regulations. But fear not, for Digitec Galaxus offers the "EU-Hub" solution. This innovative solution is designed to simplify cross-border sales for EU merchants. When an EU-based merchant receives an order, it's first sent to the EU-Hub in Germany. Here, the team manages all customs-related procedures, prepares the necessary documents for a smooth import into Switzerland, and then ensures the product reaches the end customer. This process, streamlined and efficient, takes a maximum of two days. The EU-Hub also comes in handy for returns, ensuring products are sent back to the merchant without any customs hiccups.

Become a partner and sell on Digitec Galaxus

Thinking about selling on Digitec Galaxus after you’ve heard all the great things? Great idea! But how do you become a partner on Digitec Galaxus? The process is deliberately designed to be accessible to companies of different sizes, but it is important to meet certain criteria and requirements, which we will explain below.

1.     Step: Registration

The first step is to fill out the “registration form for potential partners”, providing basic information about your company as well as products. Digitec Galaxus will then assess if you fulfill the criteria. In case you do, they will invite you to a teams meeting.


Basic requirements depend on whether you sell on the Swiss or German marketplace, but they include:


·       Registered office in the European Union incl. VAT registration

·       Ideally fully automated product and order data interface (shopvibes can help you with this!)

·       All products have EAN, WEEE number, weight,price & country of origin

·       Good product data quality (shopvibes can help you especially with this!)

·       Feedback on customer requests within 24h


2.     Step: Managing your Product Data

By taking this action, you start your adventure with Digitec Galaxus, allowing you to upload your items and start selling your products. You have the option to individually list items via the Merchant Portal or initiate an upload from a detailed MS Excel document you've crafted.To proceed with the upload, consolidate your entire product details and images in an MS Excel document for ease of processing. Given that the manual product data maintenance typically is a huge effort, we highly recommend using a comprehensive product data management solution like shopvibes. Through shopvibes, you caneasily centralize, enhance, and distribute all product details and visuals to ensure top-tier data presentation tailored to the Digitec Galaxus platform.


3.     Step: Your last step before starting

After configuring the product information and establishing the order data transfer, Galaxus will execute a direct test order. They will place an order for a product from you, so that you’ll send the product directly to them. Once it passes their evaluation, the product is sent back, and you can go live on Digitec Galaxus.

What does it cost to sell on Digitec Galaxus?

Companies that want to sell on Digitec Galaxus must consider a fee for each product sale. They vary depending on the type of products however don’t change with the volume of sales.


The so-called variable sales commission on sold products depends on the product category and works on a percentage basis. It varies for each category with a minimum fee of 5% on Consumer Electronics to a maximum of up to 18% for Fashion & Sport products. The average sales commission is 11.5%.


Besides that, there are no base fees or initial costs for merchants, so it is really cost-effective to start selling on Digitec Galaxus.


Why should I use shopvibes for selling on Digitec Galaxus?


Navigating the right tool for selling on Digitec Galaxus has direct impact on the success of your online business. shopvibes offers a well-rounded solution that simplifies the entire process to minimize effort and maximize your revenue.

One of the standout aspects of shopvibes is its unified approach. All your product details, along with the media, can be organized in one digital hub. This doesn’t just make life easier for your sales team, but also ensures that all teams and stakeholders are aligned, reducing any potential miscommunication, outdated data or errors.

Beyond basic organization, shopvibes has a handle on inventory management and order tracking. If you're using other business software, like an ERP system, shopvibes integrates well, making sure the gears of your business mesh smoothly.

A feature worth mentioning is its AI-driven content assistance. If crafting product descriptions isn’t your strong suit, or you're just looking to save time, shopvibes offers an excellent way to generate descriptions based on your existing data.

For those keen on optimizing for Digitec Galaxus, shopvibes provides guidance and quality checks to ensure everything aligns with platform standards. Our Quality Score helps you to make sure you never miss any attribute by highlighting products where attributes are missing. Thus, you can make sure you have everything in place before you list your products. The process of sending your data to Digitec Galaxus is straightforward, minimizing manual tweaks.

A significant plus is the platform's adaptability. While it’s tailored for Digitec Galaxus, you aren't limited to it. With shopvibes, you can set up your product details and use them across multiple platforms or partners. It’s a one-time effort with a multi-platform reach.

From feedback, many users find value in shopvibes, citing it as both a functional and user-friendly solution for their e-commerce needs.

Want to learn more about how shopvibes can help you maximize your success on Digitec Galaxus? Click here!


Digitec Galaxus offers a dynamic e-commerce platform with immense benefits. With shopvibes by your side, you can capitalize on this potential seamlessly, ensuring your products gain maximum visibility in no time!

For further information on shopvibes, click here or drop us an email.