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January 17, 2024

What is a PIM-System?

What is a PIM-System?

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In today's digitalised world, in which companies operate globally and serve many sales channels, the efficient management of product information is crucial for success. A product information management system (PIM) is an indispensable tool here. But what exactly is a PIM system and how can it help your company?

What is a PIM system?

A PIM system (Product Information Management) is a software solution that supports companies in centrally managing and maintaining their product information and distributing it across various channels. Think of a PIM as a kind of central database in which all relevant product information is collected and organised. This includes product attributes, descriptions, images, technical specifications, prices and much more.

By centralising and integrating data from various sources, such as ERP systems, supplier databases and content management systems, a PIM system enables a consistent and up-to-date presentation of your product information. This improves your data quality and ensures that all information on the various sales channels, from your website to online marketplaces, is consistent and error-free.

Advantages of a PIM system

  • Centralised management and consistency:
    A PIM system makes it possible to collect all product information in one central location. This eliminates the need to refer to multiple spreadsheets or documents and ensures consistency of data. Information can be managed and updated efficiently, minimising errors and increasing productivity.
    You can read what this can look like here
  • Improved data quality:
    PIM systems integrate and cleanse data from different sources, which improves the quality of product information. This keeps your data accurate and up-to-date, increasing customer confidence and conversion rates. In addition, they statistically reduce returns and complaints due to incorrect product data.
  • Increased efficiency:
    Through automation and centralised management, a PIM system significantly reduces manual effort. This saves time and allows employees to concentrate on strategically important tasks. Internal processes are optimised and the company's efficiency is significantly increased.
  • Faster time to market:
    A PIM system facilitates the rapid distribution of product information across different channels, which speeds up the introduction of new products. This allows product data to be managed efficiently and brought to market faster, expanding market presence. The best PIMS are flexible in terms of playout - whether Excel, API or other interfaces
  • Multichannel publishing:
    PIM systems enable the simple and consistent publication of product information via various sales channels such as online marketplaces and own websites. The system ensures that the data is always up-to-date and correct, which saves time and keeps the presentation of information consistent. You can read more about multichannel publishing in this blog article: Discover Multichannel Sales success key elements to develop your strategy
  • Scalability and flexibility:
    A PIM system adapts to the growing needs of your organisation and offers the necessary flexibility and scalability. The solutions are customised and efficiently support business processes, thereby promoting growth.

Why Shopvibes?

If you've read this far, changes are good you could benefit from a PIM-System. If that's the case, we believe we've built a great one!

A PIM system not only optimises the management of your product information, but also improves data quality, increases efficiency and accelerates the market launch of new products. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and strengthens your competitiveness.

With the customised PIM solutions from Shopvibes, you can manage your product data centrally and efficiently. Find out how you can optimise your processes and successfully lead your company into the future by investing in a PIM system from Shopvibes.